CAA North & East Ontario is presently inviting applicants to fill future vacancies on the Board of Directors. This position is open to all Primary Members of CAA North & East Ontario over the age of 18 residing in the cities of North Bay, Ottawa, Sudbury & Thunder Bay; the districts of Cochrane, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Rainy River, Timiskaming & Kenora; and the Counties of: Dundas, Glengarry, Grenville, Lanark, Prescott, Renfrew, Russell and Stormont.


The CAA North & East Ontario Board is comprised of ten (10) individuals and meets approximately once every three months and each Director sits on a minimum of one (1) Board committee with some exceptions. The committees meet approximately every quarter and could meet more often if required. Candidates should be aware that periodic travel within Ontario and North America is required.

Collective Board Skills and Experience

Each Director brings unique skills and experience to the Board. In selecting new members, attention will be given to ensuring that the collective mix of skills and experience supports the Board’s ability to add strategic value to CAA North & East Ontario. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that the board is representative of the communities and members it serves, from equity, gender, and diversity perspectives.

Collectively, Board members should:

  • Provide credible stakeholder perspectives
  • Provide strong participation that strives for excellence and supports consensus building
  • Be strategic thinkers who take a governance-focused approach to Board responsibilities
  • Demonstrate a willingness to support CAA North & East Ontario’s vision.

The Board is committed to seeking a skilled and diverse membership reflective of Canadian society. As a result, it promotes gender, cultural and ethnic diversity and encourages candidates to indicate voluntarily on their application if they are a woman, an Aboriginal person, a person with a disability, or a member of a visible minority group. Multilingual skills are viewed as an asset. The Board also actively encourages applications from those members who reside in any one of the many smaller municipalities in the CAA-NEO region.

Individual Knowledge and Experience

To foster its ability to provide strategic direction and fulfill its oversight responsibilities, the collective Board should include members with knowledge of and experience in the following areas:

  • Board governance
  • Financial management and analysis
  • Travel industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Financial/Banking industry
  • Information technology sector and/or software licensing and sales
  • Business development and operation of growth businesses
  • Risk management and analysis
  • Public policy and regulatory environments
  • Marketing / public relations / communications
  • Digital media, advertising and brand management
  • Building partnerships and strategic alliances

Term of Office:

The term of office of the Director, who is elected, will be for three (3) years commencing at the Annual General meeting held in January of each year.


In order to qualify as a Director, a nominee must:

  • Be a primary CAA North & East Ontario Member in good standing on the date of election
  • Agree to abide by the terms of reference for a Board Member, which outline the responsibilities and expectations for Board Members
  • Have a valid passport for travel or able to obtain one

and must not be:

  • Employed by the Club
  • Married to, child of, agent of, or parent to, an employee of the Club
  • An individual who has had an un-discharged bankruptcy
  • An individual who has himself or herself been insolvent or bankrupt within the three (3) years immediately preceding the appointment, or associated with* a Person** that has become insolvent or bankrupt within the three (3) years immediately preceding the appointment
  • An individual who is charged or has been convicted, or associated with a Person that is charged or has been convicted, of an offence under the Criminal Code, the Travel Industry Act or the Business Practices Act or statues similar to these in other jurisdictions or any offence under provincial legislation that gives reason to the CAA North & East Ontario Board of Directors to believe that the function of Director will not be fulfilled with honesty and integrity and in the best interests of the Club

*“Associated with” means holding either (i) a directorship of, or (ii) at least ten percent (10%) of the outstanding equity shares of, or (iii) a senior officer portfolio of the company with which the individual is affiliated.

**“Person” shall mean an individual, proprietorship, partnership, incorporated company, joint venture or other legally recognized entity.

Nomination Deadline:

Applications must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. July 31, 2022. 

The application will consist of the following:

  1. Consent
  2. Applicant Resume in Word or PDF format
  3. Applicant Contact Information
  4. Applicant Profile


I, the undersigned, certify that I meet items (a) to (h) of the criteria for qualification as an elected Director as set forth in the CAA North & East Ontario letter above.  In order to complete or verify the information provided on this form, it might be necessary for CAA North & East Ontario to collect additional information from or to exchange information with government and non-government sources.  Only information relevant to my candidacy will be collected.  I consent to the collection of this information.

I hereby declare that the foregoing information is true and complete to my knowledge. 

I understand that a false statement may disqualify me from consideration or cause my dismissal.

If I am selected, I agree to have my photograph taken for public relations purposes on the CAA-NEO website or in other materials describing members of the Board of Directors.

Please note that as condition of our consideration to your application a criminal record check will be required.  

I HEREBY AGREE to stand for appointment to, and if appointed to serve in, the office of Director of CAA North & East Ontario, according to the terms outlined above.



Gender Identity Pronouns (Optional)
Preferred Honorific:*
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Current or Last Occupation (if Applicable)
Are you a current CAA North & East Ontario Member?

Self-Identification (Optional)

CAA North & east Ontario is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. The Board encourages applications from Indigenous persons, persons with a disability, racialized persons, women, persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and all candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community.

These questions are voluntary. You may select as many categories that apply to you. The information will be used in an aggregate and non-identifiable format in order to assess our ability to recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds.

If you are an Indigenous person, please check all that apply:

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, And Experience

The Board of Directors seeks a complementary balance of knowledge, skills, and experience at a Governance Level. Please check all that apply

Business Management
Community Leadership
Governance and Leadership
Human Resources
Government/Political Acumen
Healthcare Administration/Policy
Event Planning
Real Estate/Property Management
Public Relations/Communications
Quality/Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Other(please specify):


Please provide two references that are familiar with your previous board or committee experience:

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